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Welcome to our Garden Blog! Our love for vibrant blossoms, lush landscapes, and captivatingly curated spaces has fostered a community of like-minded enthusiasts. But why do we consider our website one of the best gardening blogs in the UK? Well, as it happens, there’s a story behind the roots and growth of our ‘big blog of gardening.’

Why do I recommend you to read our DIY garden blog?

In our ever-evolving bustling world, everyone is looking for gardening blogs to follow, be it for inspiration or practical guidance. Our DIY garden blog stands out as an excellent companion for your green sojourn.

We role our sleeves up alongside you, moving past traditional gardening methods, and trying exciting and efficient ways to green our surroundings. Think greenhouse gardening, urban plots, and backyard gardening – we’ve got you covered. Lets get started then!

Best gardening blogs to read just below

Is our beginner gardener blog a good suggestion for someone new to gardening?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves in being labelled the ‘best gardening blogs for beginners’. We understand the unique challenges a beginner might face: from starting a garden blog to nurturing their first pot plant. We walk with you every step of the way. Our beginner gardening blog isn’t just a guide; it’s a warm, welcoming gardening therapy blog designed to elevate your love for flora.

Are there any gardening blogs covering trends, ideas and information for the years 2023-2024?

There’s a lot to be excited about in 2023 and 2024. Our gardening blog 2023 – 2024 will feature the most interesting gardening blog topics, covering trends that will inform, inspire, and invigorate your gardening journey.

Looking for a garden shed blog? Read our post about organization and design.

Seeking out solutions for your garden shed troubles? Our garden shed blog comes packed with bright ideas for organization and design to transform that rustic, forgotten-about corner into a place you’d want to show off. That’s the magic of what we do!

Where can I find a nice garden inspiration and ideas blog?

Right here! Yes, from colourful blossoms to manicured lawns, our garden inspiration blog is teeming with thrilling avenues to explore and experiment within your gardens. You can expect a blend of classic beauty and contemporary chic, ensuring that there is something to suit everyone’s tastes.

What are some authoritative garden design blogs I should follow?

Well, modesty aside, our blog is one of the top UK gardening blogs available online. However, our desire is not just to build ‘the best’: we ensure we are ‘helpful’ first! Our blog-posts serve as a guide to everything garden en route, from choosing the right garden furniture to navigating landscape designs.

Why is our blog one of the top UK gardening blogs available online?

As a fantastic gardener’s blog, we’ve strived to consistently provide high-quality content, be it about developing your vegetable garden or beautifying your garden landscape. Our garden landscaping blog offers an insightful guide on making your garden an extension of your interior home design.

Does our home and garden blog cover both interior and exterior design ideas?

Absolutely! Recognising the connection between the interiors of your home and the external green spaces, our home and garden blog offers ideas blending both worlds seamlessly.

Story of our gardening blog

Our journey from a humble ‘my garden blog’ to one of the best urban gardening blogs UK has seen is punctuated with persistent efforts to provide useful, practical, and enlightening information to our readers. We hope our love for gardening inspires and guides you as you nurture your green paradise. Join us as we continue to sow seeds of knowledge and reap beds of blooming ideas!

The seeds of our garden blog were sown back when it was just ‘my garden blog’, an online journal of personal experiences that I, a beginner gardener, faced. As an amateur just diving into this green world, I craved knowledge and guidance. I spent countless hours looking for gardening blogs to follow, hoping to expand my knowledge and create a lush backyard garden.

Encouraged by my experience and recognizing the need for a beginner gardening blog that could act as a guide for novices like myself, I decided to expand ‘my garden blog’ into what we today know as one of the best gardening blogs for beginners.

But the growth did not stop there. Our vision was set on being one of the best UK gardening blogs, providing a comprehensive guide to gardening. The creation of our greenhouse gardening blog provided insights into controlled-station gardening, and our garden furniture blog helped individuals aestheticise their green spaces further.

As our readership grew, we diversified, aiming to cover various aspects of gardening, ensuring we remained a go-to resource. For those transitioning from beginner to more advanced gardening, we brought in the best vegetable gardening blogs UK had to offer and, unexpectedly, secured the title of the best vegetable garden blog!

With the onset of urbanization, we saw the importance of adapting to changing lifestyles while nurturing our connection with nature. Thus, our best urban gardening blogs UK were born, helping city dwellers like us to create amazing green spaces even within concrete jungles.

Recognizing the therapeutic effect of gardening on our wellbeing, our garden therapy blog was created, which has been one of the most interesting gardening blog topics and helped boost our ranking among the top gardening blogs UK.

Our dedicated garden landscaping blog came as our answer to the growing interest in designing and beautifying personal green spaces. Whether you prefer a minimal Japanese Zen garden or a vibrant English garden, our blog provided the inspiration and practical advice you needed.

The home and garden blogs section evolved in view of the growing trend of merging interior and exterior design ideas. To further extend our coverage, we incorporated the garden shed blog, helping readers maximize this often underused yet valuable garden space.

Fast forward to today; we are still continuously mapping our path forward, staying abreast of future trends like those to be covered in our gardening blog 2023 – 2024. It’s been a joy to grow along with our vibrant community of readers, as we continue to stride confidently, keeping our keen eye on becoming the top UK gardening blogs.

Looking back, this fantastic gardener’s blog journey started with the simple desire to share and learn. Today, our DIY garden blog is a comprehensive resource for anyone with a love for gardening, our first time gardener or an expert. It’s been quite a journey from ‘my garden blog’ to one of the most-followed garden design blogs, and we can’t wait to see where the path leads next. Our blog remains a garden of inspiration, knowledge and shared love for all things green and growing. Join us, and let’s continue to blossom together.

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