cheap lawn mower storage and everything you need to know about it

Cheap lawn mower storage and everything you need to know about it!

Have you ever frustratedly asked yourself – “Where on Earth am I supposed to store this lawn mower?” Or has your shed ever seemed far too messy, no matter how many times you tidy it up?

Are you apprehensive about leaving your lawn mower out in the open, exposed to the whims of nature? If any of this strikes a cord with you, this post is here to answer all these questions and more. Read on, for your garden shed can house your tools in an organized fashion, without making you feel claustrophobic or overwhelmed.

The Importance of Lawn Mower Storage

When you’ve invested time, effort, and hard earned money into curating and maintaining a lush, green, and pristine lawn, it’s equally essential to take care of the machinery behind it. That prized lawn mower, which keeps your yard looking sharp and prim, deserves its own space, so that it can function efficiently irrespective of the season.

Superior lawn mower storage not only extends the life of the machine but saves you unnecessary expenditure on frequent repairs or replacements. It also organises your garden shed better while managing clutter. Can you imagine how much time you would save by not having to hunt for your lawn mower the next time your lawn needs a trim?

Making Space in Your Garden storage Shed for your lawn mower

For effective lawn mower storage, making space in your garden shed becomes the pivotal starting point. Firstly, take a look at the size of your mower. Does it need a lot of room? Does it fold? Consider measuring its dimensions and assessing it against the free space in your shed. You might need to reorganise or clear out some area for it to fit neatly.

Store to Protect your lawn mower

Lawn mowers, whether they are riding mowers or push mowers, are made up of components that require protection from weather fluctuations and moisture. Storing them in a covered space shields them from potential rust and keeps the motor in better health.

Best Lawn Mower Storage Solutions

There are several lawn mower storage solutions available out there, and choosing the right one can seem intimidating. Fear not, for we have analysed the best solutions for you.

Adjustable Shelves for your lawn mower

Adjustable shelves in your garden shed can accommodate mowers that fold up. They can be adjusted to fit your machine’s size and removed when not in use.

Riding Mower Storage

Riding mowers being large, need ample space. A corner space in your shed could be perfect. Consider hanging some tools on the wall to save on floor space.

Lawn Mower Covers

When storing the mower outside, covers shield from the harsh weather effects. However, remember, a covered outdoor space is still no substitute to proper indoor storage.

Storage Sheds for the lawn mower

Smaller, separate storage sheds just for mowers are becoming popular. They can be customized according to your mower’s size and can also contain all your mowing essentials.

Lawn mower vertical Storage

Vertical storage allows you to store your mower vertically against the wall. This saves a lot of floor space, just make sure that your mower model supports this storage mode and does not leak fluids.

Lawn mower storage and some: FAQs

Can I store the lawn mower outdoors?

Although, many prefer to, the longevity of your machine can get affected due to unpredictable weather changes.

What types of storage sheds are available?

Storage sheds range from wooden and metal to plastic ones, and their choice depends on your requirement and budget.

Can I store petrol/diesel in the same shed as the mower?

A separate, fireproof container should be used within the same shed, or ideally, in a separate shed.

Can all mowers be stored vertically?

No, only certain models that are specially designed for vertical storage can be stored so, without causing fluid leaks.

Shoul I buy a lawn mower storage?

Proper lawn mower storage is not rocket science but just smart organization. By investing a little time and thought into your garden shed and how to maximise its utility, you can ensure that your lawn mower, and other tools, are not just safely stored but also easily accessible. So wear that thinking cap, take some measurements, and transform your garden shed into the most practical space there is. Happy storing!

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