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Ex display garden sheds for sale – Everything you need to know

Is buying an ex display shed a good idea? Can they provide the functional and aesthetic value I require in a garden shed? Before you set out to make a purchase, let’s delve into everything you need to know before buying an ex display shed.

Well, investing in an ex display shed might just be the answer to your many questions. In this article, we uncover all the essential details you need before buying an ex display shed.

Why you should consider Ex display sheds?

Ex display sheds are pre-used sheds that were formerly on display in stores. These sheds are often sold at a reduced cost and continue to provide excellent value.

Now, you’re probably wondering why you should consider an ex display shed instead of getting a brand new one. This is a fair question to ask especially when it comes to investing in your home or garden.

Well, the beauty of ex display sheds is that you get to acquire a shed that’s almost new, but at a significantly reduced cost. Since these sheds were previously used for display purposes, they often come in fantastic condition and sometimes, even feature luxurious additions or designs that had been used to attract potential buyers.

Moreover, given their significant longevity, they offer excellent value for investment. Whether you’re planning on using your shed for storage, a garden office or even simply for aesthetic purposes – an ex display shed can check all your boxes without burning holes in your pocket.

Locations Where to Buy an Ex display sheds in the UK

Whether you live up North in Glasgow or down South in Kent, there are ample locations across the UK where you can find ex display sheds for sale. Here’s a lowdown on some of those locations.

Ex display sheds in Manchester and Liverpool

Manchester and Liverpool boast a great number of garden centres and home improvement stores where you can find ex display sheds. Several independent stores sell these functional structures too, often with a richer variety and at more competitive prices.

Ex display sheds in Sheffield and Barnsley

Not far from Manchester and Liverpool, the locales of Sheffield and Barnsley are also rich grounds for old display sheds. Numerous stores in these areas offer fantastic deals on pre-owned display sheds, especially ones that have been used in trade fairs, exhibitions or large stores.

Ex display sheds in Norfolk and Suffolk

From the bustling city life of Manchester and Liverpool, we move onto the serene countryside of Norfolk and Suffolk. Here, the locals are fond of using their backyard spaces to their maximum potential. Hence, the demand for display sheds continues to soar.

Ex display sheds in Kent and Somerset

These regions sport numerous garden stores and nurseries that offer ex display sheds. Be sure to explore both, big box stores and independent outlets alike, to find a garden shed that suits your specific needs and budget.

Ex display sheds in Glasgow

As Scotland’s most vibrant city, Glasgow lives up to its reputation by catering to the needs of its residents and tourists, which includes providing numerous locations to find ex-display sheds. Glasgow is home to several large home improvement and gardening stores that routinely replace their floor models, giving you a chance to snag a fantastic deal.

Ex display sheds in Lancashire

Lancashire may be best known for its historic sites and stunning landscapes, but it also harbors quite a number of garden centres and stores carrying ex display sheds. With the region’s emphasis on maintaining green and beautiful spaces, it comes as no surprise that they offer a well-curated selection of garden sheds.

Ex display sheds in Essex

Living on the outskirts of London offers residents the privilege of expansive garden areas. This is why Essex, despite its proximity to the urban capital, boasts an impressive selection of outlets where ex display sheds can be found in different sizes and specifications.

Ex display sheds in Lincolnshire

From small, compact sheds to expansive log cabins, Lincolnshire offers a variety of ex-display sheds to match your needs. Many of these ex display models come with beautiful, unique designs that can enhance any garden look.

Ex display sheds in Yorkshire and West Midlands

Both Yorkshire and West Midlands have a thriving market for garden buildings, including ex display sheds. With an array of options, from rustic-style sheds to modern-looking garden offices, these regions are not short of outlets where you can find the perfect garden addition.

Ex display sheds in Leicestershire and Hertfordshire

Famed for their picturesque landscapes, Leicestershire and Hertfordshire offer not only top-quality garden sheds but also ex-display models that are just as functional. Provided by a range of stores, they often come with features that can make your garden shed standout.

Ex display sheds in Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire

Whether you’re looking for a simple, no-frills garden shed or something with a little extra luxury, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire have a selection of ex display sheds worth exploring; plus they are quoted at prices that are easier on the pocket, without compromising quality.

Different Types of Ex display sheds

As with every product, there are different types of Ex display sheds. Knowing these types and understanding their characteristics will help you make a better buying decision.

Ex display garden sheds

Ex display garden sheds are one of the most common types of Ex display sheds. They are generally medium in size and have a traditional look and feel. Their functional design is perfect for storing garden equipment like lawn mowers, garden tools, and even bicycles. They are typically made of wood but can also be made of metal or plastic.

Ex display pent sheds

Ex display pent sheds have a single sloping roof design. This design is beneficial in that it allows rainwater or any other debris to easily slide off the roof. It also provides an elegant and contemporary look compared to the regular garden shed, hence a perfect choice for the modern garden owner.

Ex display plastic sheds

Durability and easy maintenance are what defines Ex display plastic sheds. These sheds are constructed from high-quality plastic which makes them resistant to most weather conditions, pests, and rot. And unlike wood and metal sheds, they require little to no maintenance making them a great option for people who lack time.

Ex display potting sheds

Designed with gardeners in mind, Ex display potting sheds come with built-in bench space, perfect for potting plants and other gardening activities. They may also feature sky lights allowing for natural light to seep through, enhancing the growth of plants.

Ex display corner sheds

Strapped for space? An Ex display corner shed could be your solution. These sheds are designed to make use of the corner of your garden and add an extra storage or work space.

Ex display summerhouse sheds

An amalgamation of style and function, Ex display summerhouse sheds make a great addition to any garden. They not only offer lots of storage space but also serve as a quiet retreat where you can enjoy sunny afternoons.

Ex display sheds from Shed Factory, GBC and IPL

Ex display sheds from top-notch brands like Shed Factory, GBC, and IPL are known to be durable, stylish and functional. They come in a variety of styles and sizes, ensuring you’ll find a shed that suits your needs.

Malvern Sheds Ex display

Malvern Sheds Ex display are built to last! They offer a unique range of high-quality sheds that are perfectly designed to blend into your garden landscape.

Crane Sheds Ex display

Crafted with attention to detail, Crane Sheds Ex display combine quality materials with excellent craftsmanship, ensuring your shed will stand the test of time.

Garden Sheds Ex display

Garden Sheds Ex display are functional and stylish, offering ample storage for all your gardening needs. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, these sheds are sure to enhance your garden’s aesthetic.

Skinners Sheds Ex display

Constructed from high-quality timber, Skinners Sheds Ex display are not just durable but also visually appealing. They are a great addition to any garden!

Solid Sheds Ex display

What differentiates Solid Sheds Ex display is their design versatility. Whether you’re looking for a traditional shed or something more contemporary, Solid Sheds have got you covered.

Ex display sheds are a fantastic way of getting a high-quality shed at a reduced price. However, it’s crucial to inspect the shed thoroughly before purchase, ensuring there’s no damage or serious wear.

Ex display sheds for sale and some frequently asked questions about them:

Sheds serve multiple purposes: they can be aesthetically pleasing, adding to the appeal of a garden, or provide a practical solution for local storage needs at your property. However, when it comes to the decision to purchase an ex display shed, several questions might arise.

What does “Ex display” mean?

“Ex display” simply refers to products that were previously used for display in a commercial environment – in other words, these products have been on show for customers to see, touch, and appreciate what they are buying. Just like demo cars at a dealership, ex display sheds have been exposed for customers curiosity but haven’t been put to any functional use.

Are Ex display sheds a good buy?

The answer to this question largely relies on various factors: the condition of the shed, the price, and your specific needs. An ex display shed can be an excellent purchase if it’s in great condition and costs less than a new one. Bear in mind these sheds usually come with previous handling, which might mean a few wear and tear signs, but nothing that compromises their functionality.

How to choose the best Ex display shed

When choosing an ex display shed, consider your needs first. What do you want to use the shed for? A storage space, workshop, or garden sanctuary? Your anticipated usage will affect the size, type, and design you choose. It’s also crucial to analyze the shed’s condition and durability. Always remember to inspect the shed before purchase to ensure that it meets your expectations.

What is an Ex display shed?

An ex display shed is a garden shed previously used as a show model in a retail space like a garden store or home improvement center. These sheds vary in sizes, styles, materials, making them diverse enough to cater to different customer preferences.

What to look for when buying an Ex display shed

Before purchasing an ex display shed, you should look at its condition, materials used, design, price, and warranty. It should suit your needs and be strong enough to withstand weather conditions in your area. Always conduct a thorough inspection for any cosmetic or structural damages before buying.

How to Find Ex display sheds Near Me

Locating an ex display shed for purchase could be as simple as visiting your local garden center or home improvement store. You might also find them in auctions, clearance sales, or online platforms that deal with second-hand garden supplies.

How to maintain an Ex display shed

Ex display sheds, same as regular garden sheds, require regular maintenance to serve you for the long haul. Timely painting, roof checkups, pest control, and cleaning are key aspects of shed maintenance. Keep the shed ventilated to prevent mold and consider insulating it if used in the colder season.

Do B&Q have cheap garden sheds on display to buy?

Yes, B&Q are known to stock a variety of garden sheds, including ex display sheds which can offer value for less money.

Ex display sheds at B&Q: ¿What’s my opinion about them?

B&Q display sheds fall into the category of ‘Good Value for Money.’ They provide a variety of designs to cater for various customer preferences and needs, offering both practical and aesthetic solutions. B&Q ex display sheds are usually well maintained, which, coupled with their lower prices, can be a great garden investment with the right choice and maintenance.

Ultimately, the decision to purchase an ex display shed depends on your needs, budget and personal taste. Available across the UK and at a fraction of the cost, they offer an excellent trade-off between cost and value, and are an excellent addition to any garden space. Just remember to conduct a thorough inspection and ask for any necessary documentation before making your purchase to ensure your investment is well placed. Remember, a garden shed is not just a purchase, it’s an investment in your home.

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